• Being A Hero

  • 状态:更新至34集 / 共32集
  • 类型:剧情
  • 主演:陈晓 王一博 王劲松 刘奕君 赵昭仪 张志坚 郭晓婷 冯嘉怡
  • 年代:2022
  • 地区:大陆

简介:Three years ago, Wu Gang was killed for getting involved in drugs by the drug cartel K Group. His son Wu Zhenfeng got expelled from the police force for violating the rules. Wu Zhenfeng was so depressed that he tried to leave the country but was stopped halfway by his good friend, Chen Yu. On the way, the two of them almost got kidnapped. Wu Zhenfeng saved Chen Yu from the drug dealers but went missing. Ever since that, their fates had been totally changed. Three years later, Chen Yu joined the counter-narcotics police force, while Wu Zhenfeng came back and got involved in a homicide case. After Wu Zhenfeng cleared his name, Chen Yu noticed that Wu was related to drug cartels in many ways. To eradicate all the local drug cartels, Chen Yu took on an undercover operation as he was told by his superiors. And then he found that Wu Zhenfeng was actually a hero working for the police as an inside man in the drug cartel. Chen Yu infiltrated the cartel after Wu Zhenfeng managed to do so. They worked side by side and finally eliminated the cartel in one go in cooperation with the police. The two good friends later continued to take up the responsibility and devoted themselves to the counter-narcotics operations.花姐影视为您提供《Being A Hero》免费在线观看,及播出时间。喜欢的话,不要忘记分享给好友哦


1、问:《Being A Hero》什么时候上映时间?


2、问:《Being A Hero》国产剧在哪个电视台播出?

答:《Being A Hero》目前只有网上如腾讯视频、爱奇艺、优酷、花姐影视等播出,没有在电视台播。

3、问:国产剧《Being A Hero》演员表

答:Being A Hero是由未知执导,未知,陈晓,王一博,王劲松,刘奕君,赵昭仪,张志坚,郭晓婷,冯嘉怡,艾东,公磊,章煜奇,宋熹领衔主演的剧情 剧。。该剧于2022-09-19在 腾讯爱奇艺影视龙优酷、等平台同步播出。

4、问:哪个平台可以免费看《Being A Hero》全集


5、问:手机版免费在线点播《Being A Hero》有哪些网站?


6、问:《Being A Hero》评价怎么样?

Mtime时光网网友评价:我一直认为所谓的影片是绘声绘色的书 比小说更高 基于虚拟与幻想 回头一想却都是现实的虚幻影子


豆瓣电影网友:《Being A Hero》不同于其他作品,没有紧迫感、虚浮的情节及杂乱的画面,却在不断教导我们,不像老师家长苦口婆心语重心长的教诲(为遵重在这里我省略掉啰嗦这词)。我们看电影电视剧亦或综艺动漫逗号,往往是融入进去,在不知不觉中去了解这些似乎不容易被我们所发现、所理解的道理。再说近一点,看视频时设身处地会发现这是现实中更近教导的教导!


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